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    Hailing from the early age of house music, Enrico Mantini is internationally renowned as a Deep House pioneer.

    Born in Pescara (Italy) in 1972, Enrico grew up with music running through his veins, starting his long-standing relationship with it at the age of 10 by taking piano lessons, listening to adult music and later focusing on DJing.

    Since his debut in the music industry in 1990, he has appeared on cult labels such as UMM, Smooth Sound, MBG International, Marcon Music and more recently contemporaries PURISM, Half Baked, Traxx Underground, Veniceberg and Wilson.

    His music has been heard (and danced to) in thousands of DJ sets around the globe, supported by almost all style bigwigs like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Zip, Raresh, Jamie Jones, Jeremy Underground, to name but a few

    As a DJ he has played gigs in legendary venues such as Tresor (DE), Pacha (UK), Space (ES), Ministry Of Sound (UK), Gipsy (RU), Concrete (FR), Hoppetosse (DE), Paradiso (IT), Kinky (IT) and many more.

    Perfection has always been his obsession when composing and performing, and as an MPC enthusiast since 1988, he has composed and produced his entire discography with a minimal approach, using only hardware instruments and never compromising on quality. For these reasons, listening to his music offers a distinctive, unique experience.

    In well over 30 years in the electronic scene, Enrico has produced hundreds of releases to date, earning him a solid reputation as an artist and ultimately becoming seminal for the Deep House genre.

    Since 2021, Enrico has given up producing house music and performing as a DJ to completely focus on a very personal and emotive, forward-thinking downtempo mix of jazz and funk.

    Together with some Italian jazz musicians, he has recently written a new chapter in his musical path: the new 14-song album ’Kinda Jazz After All’, which offers a musical journey through many styles and atmospheres, where Enrico has produced, arranged and played most of the instruments, uniquely mastered by his many years of experience.

    On the technical side, he is widely known as a Mastering Engineer who successfully runs his own DDA Mastering studio, where he offers a completely Analog audio treatment, assisted by vintage 90s Vacuum and Tape technologies.

    Low F Recordings is his latest label project rooted in jazz.

    Check out Enrico's current releases on Bandcamp.

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    OUT NOW !
    Back From The Future [LWF001S1]

    The first single taken from Enrico Mantini's & friends' upcoming album 'Kinda Jazz After All' is finally available

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